Summer Programs
Sailing Classes and Instruction in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands

Beginner and Intermediate Sailing Classes in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.

Yacht Delivery and Skipper Assistance and Instruction

Sailing Fun in the Sun!

Toba Traverse - Backpacking in British Columbia Coast Mountains

Ridge Explorations presents

Adventure Backpacking: The Toba Traverse

The Toba Traverse trip follows a ridge divide on the British Columbia coast above the spectacular fjord named Toba Inlet. The whole area is a rugged arctic-alpine wilderness of granite ridges clothed in heather and grasses. It is strewn with dozens of alpine lakes which are tucked into deep shady pockets. Most of these have granite slabs shooting straight into the water. The area has a very remote character despite being less than two hundred miles north of the city of Vancouver.

This trip is a remote backpacking excursion that requires some backcountry experience:

* Basic backpacking experience

* Camping skills.

* Physical fitness for a 5-day backpack trip.

* Technical climbing is not involved

* There is opportunity for scrambling some summits

Wabakimi Canoe Trip - lake and river paddling in Ontario
Ridge Explorations and Wabakimi Outfitters
The Jumping Caribou River Northwoods Canoe Expedition
Savant Albany Trip

Ridge Explorations and Wabakimi Outfitters Present Special Upper Albany River “triple-trip”

Section 1: 80 miles (130 km). Savant Lake to Rockcliff Lake via the Savant River. (Train-in and floatplane out).

We will stay at the Wabakimi Wilderness Lodge on August 7, and then take the 6 am train to Savant Lake on August 8, to be shuttled by van to a tiny tributary of the Savant River. Over the next week we will scout, paddle, and portage our way to Rockcliff Lake (and possibly create a few new portages). We will travel a series of lakes and small rivers, encountering wild rice, speckled trout, and other highly diverse biota. This area west of Wabakimi Park is totally pristine, but as yet has no formal protection. It is slated for roads and logging in upcoming years. We will document the land’s values in hopes of achieving protected status in the future. On August 15, a floatplane will fly out some participants for their return to the comforts of civilization: hot tub and cold beverages at our base. This trip is mostly flat-water, with a few easy rapids for learning if you like. Prerequisites: camping experience and a desire to experience some long and challenging days of paddling and portages.