Savant Albany Trip

Ridge Explorations and Wabakimi Outfitters Present Special Upper Albany River “triple-trip”

Section 1: 80 miles (130 km). Savant Lake to Rockcliff Lake via the Savant River. (Train-in and floatplane out).

We will stay at the Wabakimi Wilderness Lodge on August 7, and then take the 6 am train to Savant Lake on August 8, to be shuttled by van to a tiny tributary of the Savant River. Over the next week we will scout, paddle, and portage our way to Rockcliff Lake (and possibly create a few new portages). We will travel a series of lakes and small rivers, encountering wild rice, speckled trout, and other highly diverse biota. This area west of Wabakimi Park is totally pristine, but as yet has no formal protection. It is slated for roads and logging in upcoming years. We will document the land’s values in hopes of achieving protected status in the future. On August 15, a floatplane will fly out some participants for their return to the comforts of civilization: hot tub and cold beverages at our base. This trip is mostly flat-water, with a few easy rapids for learning if you like. Prerequisites: camping experience and a desire to experience some long and challenging days of paddling and portages.

Section 2: 70 miles (115 km) Rockcliff Lake to the Albany River via the Misehkow River (accessed at each end by floatplane).

Over half of this trip entails running long rapids (Class 2-3). Bruce has been teaching open canoe whitewater skills for decades, so we can bring a few bow persons (with solid flat-water skills) who wish to combine remote wilderness with whitewater instruction. Most of us will need to be reasonably experienced whitewater paddlers. We will take time to explore the geology (e.g. greenstone belts) and boreal species and ecosystems of the Misehkow… as well as catch some speckled trout way too big to call brook trout! There are lots of moose. The last 20 miles are mostly non-stop whitewater, ending on the mighty Albany River, where the floatplanes will pick up or drop off paddlers from civilization for the next leg. (And maybe bring us some ice cream?).

Section 3: Albany River from Misehkow to Eabamatoong (Fort Hope). 100 miles (160 km, accessed at each end by floatplane).

Is the Upper Albany the best wild river canoe trip in Ontario? Bruce thinks so! A famous fur trade route, the Albany has large rapids, huge falls, braided channels, lots of wildlife, including trout, walleye, and huge northern pike. Uncommon birds include sandhill cranes, black terns, Bonaparte gulls, golden eagles, eastern goshawks, great grey owls, white pelicans. We might even meet a few of the last aboriginal Anishnabe hunter-gatherers who still live close to the land. We will paddle big windy lakes and challenging rapids and cross historic portages for 10 days, ending at the fur trade post of Fort Hope (now renamed Eabamatoong: “Big eddy in the river”).










Wabakimi Lake Country

Costs (all inclusive, except for taxes of about 8%, Nov. 22, 2015 Prices)

Dates are flexible.  Need to sign upo early.

Ask about possible discounts for couples or families.

Includes shuttles (floatplanes, train, vans), food, canoes, tents, group gear, pre and post trip Wabakimi Lodge accommodation and meals, guides, satellite phones.

Section 1: 8 days on the Savant River: $2190 USD

Section 2: 7 days on the Misehkow River: $2590 USD

Section 3: 10 days on the Albany River: $3090 USD


Sections 1+2: $3950 Cdn. ($3575 USD)

Sections 2+3: $4950 Cdn. ($4485 USD)

Sections 1+2+3: $5950 Cdn. ($5385 USD)

(We may also be able to arrange to fly some people or canoes in or out at other logical points).

For more information, contact:

Bruce Hyer (w) 807-622-7200 (cell) 807-627-1404

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