Wabakimi Canoe Trip - lake and river paddling in Ontario
Ridge Explorations and Wabakimi Outfitters
The Jumping Caribou River Northwoods Canoe Expedition

This expedition is eight days in the Ontario boreal forest…the beautiful, Five Star Canoe Country of Wabakimi Park. Canadian Shield country provides some of the best camping possible with smooth granite outcrops covered with soft caribou moss.




On this trip, Ridge Explorations' guests will travel the waters of the Voyageurs, the paid paddlers who crossed the North Woods, carrying trade goods north and furs south for the famous Northwest Company and the Hudson Bay Company. This “Company of Adventurers,” as it was called, was key in the exploration and opening of Canada. Like the horse in the American West, the canoe was critical to this exploration because of the nature of the land, for Canada, and especially Ontario, is a land of waterways. There are so many lakes and rivers that if they are not directly connected, usually a short portage, or carry, takes you to the next water system.

Wabakimi Wilderness Park is 150 miles north of Lake Superior. Created in 1983, Wabakimi was expanded in 1998 to an area of almost 5 million acres... as big as the state of Connecticut, and MANY TIMES BIGGER THAN QUETICO AND THE BOUNDARY WATERS CANOE AREA COMBINED! Besides having thousands of interconnected lakes, Wabakimi has many rivers of various sizes. It is unlogged and unroaded: undisturbed wilderness remaining as wild as anywhere on Earth. It is the home to several hundred elusive woodland caribou. It is accessible only by canoe, train, or floatplane.


Some rough statistics of the Northwoods Expedition:

Travel will include a varied mix of big lakes, small lakes, small rivers, rapids & falls (to be portaged around).

· Portages vary from 50 yards to ½ mile, mostly 200 yards.

· Great potential for the following wildlife: Walleye, pike, moose and probably woodland caribou, osprey, wolves, owls, mink, marten, and beaver.

· Access to the “bush” is by train. We load onto Canadian National Railroad and are carried to a remote drop-off. Boats go right from train to water, and “we are off.”

· After paddling for eight days, we are picked up by a floatplane to return to hot tubs, showers and hearty dining. A floatplane is an exciting way to end a trip, especially if you have never done it.

Price includes:

· Two nights at the Wabakimi B&B Eco-Lodge in Armstrong with meals.

·Train-in and fly-out costs to access the remote bush of Wabakimi.

· 7 days in the bush

· Canoe rental, paddles, PFD’s

· All camp food

· All group equipment

· Satellite phone

· Experienced trip leader, Don Langlois

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Travel costs from Thunder Bay airport to remote town of Armstrong (3 hour drive)


  • Basic camp skills (paddle instruction provided, if necessary).
  • Moderate physical fitness.

Cost: $2495 US (includes tax)

Dates: August, 2016 (Thursday-Saturday)

Deposit: $500 US deposit required. If you cancel more than 30 days before the trip, $250 will be refunded, and the other $250 can be applied to a future trip. If you cancel 30 days or less before the trip, no refund will be given. First come, first served.


Options: Come early and enjoy a more relaxed trip preparation at the lakeside Wabakimi Bed and Breakfast Eco-Lodge on Matice Lake where you can go boating, hiking, fishing or just relax in the hot tub overlooking the lake amidst the wonderful North Woods. $79 per person per night, including meals. You can read more about it at www.wabakimi.com website of Wabakimi Wildwaters, owned and operated by my friend and mentor, Bruce Hyer or call Bruce at 807-767-2022.

Travel options:

  1. Fly to Thunder Bay, Ontario and van ride three hours to Wabakimi B&B Eco- Lodge near Armstrong. Contact Ridge Explorations or Bruce Hyer for travel arrangement info.
  2. Train from Montreal or other city connection on the Canadian National Railroad directly to Armstrong and the Wabakimi B&B Eco-Lodge.
  3. Drive to Armstrong (3 hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario)


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