Avalanche Level 1 Refresher

This extra trip is optional.  Level 1 Refresher field trips can follow an Avalanche Awareness class.  Students can take this extra field trip to fulfill the Level 1 guidelines set forth by the American Avalanche Association.  These trips are also recommended for building experience that is necessary for taking Level 2 in the future.



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Should I take the Level 1 Refresher Field Trip?

The Avalanche Awareness field trip is taught like a regular ski or snowshoe tour, but the focus is on transceiver skills training, rescue training and snow pit skills. It is a very full program packed with information and training, but the amount of time spent on these fundamental skills limits the amount of time for travel.  The good news is that Level 1 field trips are travel days! We cover much more ground and consequently are able to teach much more terrain evaluation and decision-making. Snow pit work is reviewed and human factors are discussed at length, as well. More travel allows students to experience the snow on several aspects while enjoying a lengthy tour under the instructional guidance of a professional guide with many years of experience in avalanche country. It takes much longer to learn the mysteries of snow stability than it does to learn to choose safe terrain. With two solid days of field instruction stressing terrain evaluation, students have a good start on the skills needed to be able to safely gain snow experience.

“When stability is the question, terrain is the answer.”

Level 1 Refresher is a great way to start the season. Gain more experience with a professional. Every snowpack is different. Every winter tour is different.


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