AA & L1 Equipment List PDF 

Equipment Checklist for Avalanche Awareness / Level 1 Field Trips


NOTE:  Touring skis and skins can be rented at Crystal Mountain Rental Shop

Warm boots with gaiters
Skis, snowshoes or splitboard
Ski poles (snowshoers bring poles!)
Climbing skins (for skis and split boards) (fish-scale base no good)
Repair gear for fixing ski bindings or snowshoes (extra cables)
Clothing- no cotton
Base layer – (top and bottom) long underwear- polypro or capilene or wool
Insulation layer – (top and bottom) fleece jacket and warm pants
Gloves – two pair, or one gloves and one mittens
Wool or fleece hat
Warm jacket – fleece or down or synthetic
Sun hat
Shell pants – rain and/or wind - waterproof-breathable
Shell jacket with hood – rain and/or wind - waterproof-breathable
Shell gloves or overmitts
Water bottle
Lunch and snacks
Daypack large enough for all this gear
Camera (optional)
Thermos with hot drink (optional)

Snow Safety Gear (required)
Transceiver **

Snow Study Gear
Snow saw – a very valuable tool for winter travelers***
Inclinometer (slope-angle meter)***
5x - 8x magnifying loupe***
Snow profile card***

**Single frequency (457 kHz) avalanche transceivers are required for field trip participation. It is recommended that you purchase a transceiver, however transceivers are available for rent from us. Bring $15 in cash to the field trip. Availability is limited so let us know early if you plan to rent a transceiver from us. We also sell our rental beacons.

*** Optional. We provide some of this gear or purchase your own. (We recommend buying a saw first)


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