Avalanche Awareness Course - 2 days

The Avalanche Awareness program includes six hours of classroom instruction followed by one day of field work. Students also receive a comprehensive avalanche textbook written to accompany the course.


Cost: $210

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Our lectures are delivered in several ways: Three 2-hour classes, two 3-hour classes or one 6-hour class. The 6-hour class usually takes place on a Saturday with a field trip taking place most often the following Sunday. If you selected the 2 or 3 day class sequence, it is OK to take the field trip after the first class session. Restricted by staffing requirements, it is possible that some field trips could need to be held on a different weekend. This format is best for people who wish to schedule all their avalanche education on a weekend and avoid weekday evening activities after a tiring day at work.

Classroom work covers:

· Trip planning
· Terrain evaluation and route-finding
· Snowpack observation
· Stability testing, and evaluation
· Weather
· Safe travel techniques
· Rescue
· Student participation in route finding exercises

Field trip work covers:
· Trip planning
· Field observations of snowpack and weather
· Terrain evaluation and safe travel
· Avalanche hazard recognition
· Snowpack tests
· Snow pit skills for discovering weak layers
· Transceiver skills
· Avalanche rescue practice


Our Full Level 1 program includes an added field trip day with focus on more advanced skills.


Class locations and directions. Equipment Checklist.

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