Avalanche Safety and Rescue in lift accessed backcountry
· Away from groomed runs
· Away from the crowds
· Fresh powder
· Away from help if something goes wrong
· Danger from Avalanches!

The Avalanche Safety and Rescue Class is for people who are ready to venture farther out but have little awareness of the hazards to be confronted
students will learn transceiver use and avalanche rescue leadership through hands-on practice and realistic scenarios

Cost: $99

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  • You are on your own when you step outside the boundaries
  • Life-saving knowledge is needed. Recognize the dangers
  • Proper gear is needed. Shovel, probe avalanche beacon
  • Real training Learn and practice avalanche rescue

Expert skiers need training too!


Avalanche Safety and Rescue

Backcountry skiing = lift accessed, remote resort area skiing and lift accessed backcountry skiing with little or no patrolling by Ski Patrollers.

With the advent of wide, shaped, skis, many more skiers feel capable of tackling the difficult snow conditions found beyond the groomed runs. Away from the crowds and lift lines, you can experience fine powder snow, and the beauty and isolation of remote snowy mountains.

But there is risk involved in accessing the backcountry and it is important to take mountain knowledge with you when you go. Avalanche Safety and Rescue is for people who are ready to venture farther out but have little awareness of the hazards to be confronted such as cliffs, tree wells, avalanches and the risk of getting lost. The class begins with a two-hour slide presentation and discussion followed by an on-snow training session. During this workshop students will learn transceiver use and avalanche rescue leadership through hands-on practice and realistic scenarios. Remember: Never cross rope lines, obey Ski Patrol signs and get training.

Are your teen-aged children skiing alone?  Avalanche Safety and Rescue is suitable for adolescents who are venturing into remote parts of the ski area without knowledge of mountain hazards.  Register you and your children now for this safety class. Letter to Parents of Adolescent Students.


Ridge Explorations Avalanche Safety and Rescue (ASR) goals:

  1. To introduce the concepts of avalanche safety in backcountry e.g. situational awareness and safe decision making.
  2. To introduce basic avalanche safety practices common to backcountry travelers (observation of terrain, snowpack and weather).
  3. To introduce and teach tree-well awareness and safety.
  4. To introduce human factors and their importance in backcountry accidents.
  5. To train participants in companion rescue with on-snow training scenarios.

The Ridge Explorations Avalanche Safety and Rescue Details:

  1. Needed Equipment list
  2. Meeting time is for Two-hour slideshow and discussion held 630pm weekday evenings at Sturtevant's (Bellevue) OR in Crystal Mountain Day Lodge - Bullwheel Restaurant (upstairs-top floor) at 830am .
  3. Field trip meets at top of Quicksilver Chair at 12pm. If you have a Season Pass, that will get you on the chair. Otherwise, BRING $20 CASH FOR A ONE-RIDE LIFT TICKET (2014 price).
  4. If you are renting a beacon from us, please BRING $15 CASH.
  5. Rescue training at Henskin Lake. Less than 1/4 mile hike (sidestep/skate in downhill skis, touring skis with skins or snowshoes). Finish about 2pm



One-day program includes 2 hours class and on-snow rescue training

Cost: $99 per person (Lift ticket NOT included) (Beacon rental NOT included)

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Questions? Phone: (234) 208-6739 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



All open REX Avalanche Education dates are shown below. The ASR Lecture and Field Trip dates are also listed during the registration process.

If the one(s) you are already rostered in are not shown it is because either the dates are full or it is less than 2 weeks away.

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Common Sense Disclaimer: General Awareness does not take the place of a formal multi-day avalanche training class. Evaluating terrain is complex. Evaluating snow stability is even more complex.

Testimonial from Snowperformance:

Don Langlois, with Ridge Explorations, recently ran an avalanche awareness training day for our staff to give them more mountain danger awareness and hands on practical recovery skills.  They are all very experienced, fully certified Leve 3 instructors who have high expectations of any training they get, all gave very positive feedback which included the following:

“It was informative and interesting, humbling and a bit intimidating; the knowledge that there is so much more to learn and practice.”

“Don was engaging and did a good job ‘teaching’ through the practical searches and scenarios in the field w/a ‘how do you think it went’ group discussion to prepare us for the ‘IF’.”

“I thought Don was great. Awesome feedback and lots of hands on practice.”

“We were not bored in the indoor presentation or the out, as the information was fascinating, factual and was delivered in highly proactive and personalized format.”

I would highly recommend using Don to train both individuals and groups in Mountain safety awareness,

Gavin Kerr Hunter
Director Snowperformance
16810 Crystal Drive E
Crystal Mountain
WA 98022
360 663 0298
cell 253 569 3713

 Hi Don,   

My wife, Tanya, and I took your SideCountry training Thursday night and yesterday. Just wanted to send a quick thank you and let you know that we feel great about the course.  We really debated spending the time and money and looking back I can’t believe we even hesitated. We’ve gained tangible, practical take aways … hopefully we’ll never have to use them … our knowledge of the environmental elements and our human factors should help keep us from using the emergency skills … but, if need be, we’re MUCH better off and feel ready to effectively use our transceivers, probes and shovels. Besides the course information we also felt the format and atmosphere in both locations was fun and allowed for some good learning.   So …. THANK YOU.

Robert & Tanya Graham